Review: Dick & Jane One-Size Fitted Diaper

The beautiful cloth diaper pictured below was handmade by Annie from Dick & Jane. I’ve had this diaper for a few weeks now, so I had a chance to see how it looks and works after many washes.

Dick and Jane Fitted Diaper

Diaper Type: Fitted
Closure Type: Snaps (front)
Sizing: One Size
Rows of Snaps: 1
Number of snaps on each wing: 3
Insert/Soaker Type: Snap-in (snaps in at the back with two snaps)
Outer Material: Woven cotton
Insert Material: Cotton velour (black) and bamboo fleece (white)
Lining Material: Cotton velour (black)
Leg Elastic: Encased
Price: Fitteds are $25 USD at the Dick & Jane Etsy store


  • I love the cotton print on the outside of the diaper. Annie has a lot of beautiful prints to choose from.
  • The diaper is well-made. I’ve washed this diaper a few times already, and everything is still how it should be. There is a little bit of fading and pilling which is normal.
  • Very absorbent.
  • Snaps in the front are hidden. This is very important to me. I really dislike snaps that are exposed and leave marks on the baby.
  • Comes with a booster for night-time, or very heavy wetters.
  • WAHM made, which is what I prefer. It’s actually made by a Canadian mama!


  • The diaper is a bit bulky. Sometimes, I use one of my own doublers/soakers inside this diaper because the snap-in soaker is a bit thick for me. I change my little one very frequently, so I don’t need all those layers of fabric in the diaper. Other people might actually prefer all those layers. This really depends on the baby and how long the diaper is on the baby.
  • 3 snaps on each wing. Personally, I prefer only two snaps on each wing, but I know a lot of cloth diaperers don’t mind having three.
  • The third snap on the wings will probably be exposed soon, so I wish this diaper came with two snap covers.

Overall, I’m really happy I had the opportunity to try this diaper on my little one. It’s one of those diapers that people always notice. How could you not notice that beautiful print?

To find out more about Dick & Jane Cloth Diapers, please visit their Facebook page and Etsy store.

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